What makes us different?

What makes us different?

So here goes… our explanation as to why we genuinely differ to what you have probably experienced before when dealing with talent sourcing. Our MD David chats about why he set up Talent Acumen and what our offer is all about.

Over to David: –

At Talent Acumen, we’re working to give the industry a better name. This is at the forefront of everything we do – I promise. The eye-watering fees that some clients feel beholden to from recruiters and headhunters really makes my stomach turn – as a business owner I would not pay this, so why should they? I appreciate that often this comes down to a degree of desperation when clients may feel their hands are tied – they don’t have access to the talent they need, and they need it quickly – but there is a better way.

I established Talent Acumen to provide a genuine alternative to traditional search and agency organisations. We provide high quality insight-led services and we are extremely transparent with our outputs – there are no secrets or dark arts here – we want our clients to be in the picture, not out on a limb.

One of the biggest differences of how we work is we are more cost effective. This is a fact – and it’s via our very user-friendly fee structure for in-house recruiters, talent management and HR professionals. Here’s an example of how we saved large sums of ££! We want to save you money, not drain you of it. We want to be paid for our time, but not over the odds!

An ever-increasing amount of conversations we have with clients focus on reducing cost and time per hire, alongside providing the best in proactive talent pipelining and added-value market insight.

I’ve listened and I’ve registered, and Talent Acumen is now here to provide the answers. I know that our service lines and day-rate fee basis tick all the boxes.

So we’re doing things differently – now let me explain in a bit more detail the key elements of our working practices that clients love

Transparency – We know that in-house recruitment and HR teams are tired of seeing regurgitated CVs (the same ‘active’ audience) and not seeing the building blocks behind a search process. Are they really getting a thorough market overview and access to key talent? They don’t know. With us you do know.

We use intelligence and you have access to it. All our search activity, candidate CVs and market insight become a client’s intellectual property both for immediate and future benefit. Refreshing, right? Recruitment & related workforce strategies undertaken without intelligence are costly, pointless and downright frustrating for all involved. This is what we ensure our clients avoid.

Fair Fees – Paying extortionate fees without having the knowledge of whether they are gaining the best candidates understandably frustrates people!  We save clients’ money, not drain them of it… Our day-rate fee structure means that we are paid for our time, but not over the odds, and this ultimately means significant savings in comparison to search fees. Want to appoint a second person from our search? There is no additional fee with Talent Acumen.

Flexibility – We are a friendly, very bendy bunch and Talent Acumen does this in spades! We can support with as much or as little of the process as you wish; therefore, if you want a partner who is happy to provide the ‘identification’ phase only (you have the resource to engage with individuals but are finding it difficult to find them) or you require an intermediary to handle some sensitive approaches, then we’ll work with you however you please.

Diversity & Completeness – This is another of our strong points – the ability to manage effective pipelines that attract the best candidates across industry sectors. Given we are not sector or function-specific, our methodology allows us to gain a diverse spectrum of candidates, bringing transformational experience and new ideas to our clients. We also have the technology and know-how to foster the engagement process until you are ready to actively hire.

Good old-fashioned communication skills – Finally, we combine the latest techniques with good old-fashioned phone work. I’ve lost count of the number of times clients have said they can’t open up a dialogue over LinkedIn. Let us do this for you!

So, there we have it – a bit of a whirlwind tour as to why Talent Acumen is worth talking to. We’d love to now throw a coffee and biscuit into the mix to chat about how we could help you.