Talent Search

We offer a talent research and acquisition methodology to rival traditional talent researchers on price, flexibility and quality, over 3 key services.

Intelligent Talent Search

You make the choices, we’re here with the answers. For when you need someone great and you need them now.


  • Quality hires at a reduced cost and reduced time to hire
  • The freedom of being able to hire multiple people for no additional cost
  • Added-value intelligent market insight
  • Access to potential team members with niche skill-sets for those ‘hard to fill’ roles
  • Thorough market coverage, leaving no stone unturned in your search for the right individual

Our delivery team are all experienced researchers with a comprehensive understanding of recruitment in major talent hubs around the world including UK & Europe, APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

We offer 3 different services within talent search:

Talent Identification only

We build a map of the talent out there, then its over to your internal team to utilise the information we provide and approach individuals directly, helping to reduce costs whilst saving you time.

Approach only

You know your market, you know who you want to contact, but the role may be highly sensitive, requiring an outside agent to make the initial approach. It may also be that you simply don’t have the time to contact a long-list of hard to reach individuals, so you need an intermediary. Unlike traditional agencies we will not charge you a ludicrously high fee for this – you pay for our time, not a cut of the candidate’s annual salary.

Full Search

The entire process is covered from initial Identification through to offer negotiation. All information is reported back to you in to the highest standard, in a simple and slick document that’s easy to digest and on a regular basis.

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