Talent Insight

Talent Insight

For when you need to build a real-time picture of the external markets to see who’s out there, through intelligent in-sights

Organisational Design Insights

Our insights on organisational design provide an understanding on structure, key personnel, reporting lines and locations.

Remuneration Surveys

Our remuneration surveys provide real time remuneration data within a functional area at the required job level(s)

Location Insights

Location insights can provide a wealth of useful recruitment information helping focus your mind where the talent is located.

Perception Surveys

Our perception surveys provide real-time marketplace data that cuts to the chase, showing you what people really think of your organisation.

Our talent insight solution is often used by heads of reward, L&D and HR and of course directly by Department Heads. The information we gather can be used to make strategic decisions about team structure, salary and benefits, office culture, and where talent is located within a marketplace and /or where you may want to situate a future team for a new market entry.

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