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We offer a talent research and acquisition methodology to rival traditional head-hunters on price, flexibility and quality, over 3 key services.

Intelligent Talent Search

You make the choices, we’re here with the answers. For when you need someone great and you need them now.

  • Quality hires at a reduced cost and reduced time to hire
  • The freedom of being able to hire multiple people for no additional cost
  • Added-value intelligent market insight
  • Access to potential team members with niche skill-sets for those ‘hard to fill’ roles
  • Thorough market coverage, leaving no stone unturned in your search for the right individual

Our consultants are all experienced, head-hunters and recruiters with a comprehensive understanding of recruitment at all levels and in major talent hubs around the world including APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

We offer 3 different services within talent search:

  1. Quick Sourcing – We build an online map of the talent out there – then its over to you, your internal teams take the information we provide and approach individuals directly, helping to reduce costs whilst saving you time.
  2. Approach only – You know your market, you know who you want to contact, but the role may be highly sensitive, requiring an outside agent to make the initial approach. It may also be that you simply don’t have the time to contact a longlist of hard to reach individuals, so you need us for the extra resource. Unlike traditional agencies we won’t charge you a ludicrously high fee for this, you pay for our time, not a cut of the candidate’s annual salary.
  3. Full Search – The full process is covered from Initial Identification – Pre-Screening – Interview – Offer Negotiation. All information is reported back to you in to the highest standard, in a simple and slick document that’s easy to digest and on a regular basis.

Intelligent Talent Pipelining

For when you need someone great now, next month, or in the future.

  • Multiple hires within one transparent project fee
  • A candidate pool for you to tap into as part of your succession planning
  • Added-value intelligent market insight
  • Pre-qualified candidates that can be quickly moved into the active recruitment process
  • An understanding of candidate motivation, mobility, perception and remuneration – the power of being in the know

Our flexible service offers you the ability to get a picture of who the talent is, without needing to make a placement straight away.

Intelligent Talent Insight

For when you need to build a real-time picture of the external markets to see who’s out there, through intelligent in-sights

  • Insight on Organisational Design – an understanding of a functional structure, key personnel, reporting lines and locations
  • Remuneration Surveys – real-time remuneration data within a functional area at the required job level(s)
  • Perception Audits – real-time marketplace data that cuts to the chase, showing you what people really think of your organisation
  • Location Insights – to help focus your mind where the talent is situated

Our talent insight solution is often used by heads of reward, L&D and HR and of course directly by Department Heads. The information we gather can be used to make strategic decisions about team structure, salary and benefits, office culture, and where talent is located within a marketplace and where you may want to situate your own teams for a new market entry.