Discovering the Undiscoverables – how do we do it?

Discovering the Undiscoverables – how do we do it?

In this blog, we thought we’d tackle a bit of a taboo – and actually let you into the secrets of how our talent acquisition process works.

Over to David our MD to fill you in…

When you utilise an external search firm, you expect (certainly in relation to the fees!), a shortlist of high-calibre candidates interested in your organisation. In time, and again in relation to the fee that will land on your desk, you expect to recruit someone who will be the perfect match for your organisation. Often you have little more involvement than that.

However, as the client who simply receives this candidate handed to you on a plate, how can you truly know that this person is right?

Without looking at the insight gained along the way, your organisation is missing out. Missing out on what led the search firm to recommend those candidates, missing out on candidates with cross-transferable skills currently working in other sectors, missing out on candidates working at priority target organisations, and missing out on understanding why people did or did not consider joining your organisation.

Here at Talent Acumen, we lead with insight so that you do not miss out! Insight provides a client with a true picture of the external talent marketplace.

How do we do it?

1) We consult with our clients to agree search parameters, be that geography, sector or organisations to give us clear direction and focus

2) We have the ability to find the ‘undiscoverables’… Why pay an external supplier to purely find people on LinkedIn, this is something your in-house team can do! That’s why Talent Acumen has bucket loads of experience in recruiting the niche roles that are not as prevalent in the public domain. We have the ability to track down key talent whether in the public domain or not – just imagine how this opens up an increased candidate audience to our clients.

3) We engage via the phone to truly portray the role and client to get the best possible results. This may sound daft, but how often will the key selling points go missing if you don’t have a proper conversation! I’ve lost count of the number of times clients have said that their InMail remains unopened…

4) We always engage with a candidate on the basis that if it is not quite right now, then they can still be a future employee of our client. As we do not get paid on a placement fee basis, this means that we are not purely focused on an immediate fee, and we can start the generation of a talent pipeline through every single engagement.

Now, of course there are a few more intricacies involved – but the above is our outline process for how we discover the ‘undiscoverables’, and as a client you’d then get to know more of our little secrets. We don’t like hiding things. Transparency is the name of game with Talent Acumen – and it’s an approach our clients really value.