Annual Retainer Relationship

Annual Retainer Relationship

About the client

UK Healthcare organisation

  • 11,000 Employees
  • 400+ sites
  • £1bn Turnover

Their Situation:-

The organisation is undergoing a lot of transition resulting from a strategy shift championed by the new CEO appointed in late 2015.
This has precipitated a number of live recruitment, future talent pipelining and market insight projects across corporate head office functions and their clinical sites.

Attract talent the intelligent way and you’ll discover the ‘undiscoverables’.

How we work with them

Supporting our client

Talent Acumen effectively works as an extension to the client’s in-house resourcing team. By operating on an annual retained basis we can truly understand group strategies, brand and culture by virtue of direct contact with both recruiters and stakeholders. This retained relationship also allows for discounted day rates given both the volume of work and forward-planning. It is reviewed on a quarterly basis for the purposes of quality control.

  • Their requirements can vary from board-level to clinical management roles
  • Geographically, they have a national reach and therefore require personnel all over the UK
  • Recent transformation programmes have prompted a surge in recruitment & pipelining activity, often with extra sensitivity
  • They utilise all three of our service lines (talent research, pipelining & insight) with the result that they now own significant market data which can be utilised in-house
  • Search parameters for Corporate HQ roles are scoped out thoroughly at briefing stage and often include multi-site organisations from different sectors that can provide candidates with forward thinking and ‘fresh ideas’
  • Clinical roles focus upon regional searches for key talent within both the private & NHS sectors

Our impact

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