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Smart employers like smart staff.

Smart candidates demand smart employers.

So, let’s cut to the chase and hook you up….with intelligence.

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Intelligence fuels everything, it provides insight, and facilitates great connections. It’s what provides value, and attracts the best talent. Recruitment without intelligence is costly, pointless and downright frustrating for all involved.

The Talent Acumen team based in Leeds, West Yorkshire,  has worked with some of the UK’s best known organisations with key talent and associated market insight,  on an international basis. Yes we get around, and with our combined experience of over 40 years in the talent research industry,  you won’t be surprised to hear we have more than a few priceless nuggets to share with our clients on how to really get the best team in place.

Talent research is the true alternative to traditional head-hunters and recruitment firms  – for those who really understand the difference and want to ensure they are attracting THE best people from the passive market.


Apart from the fact that we beat head-hunter recruitment fees by at least 50%, do you mean?…

Talent Identification – We regularly help clients with an in-house recruitment team discover the undiscoverables,  tapping into future stars, – you’ll be excited by who we can bring to the party.

Succession Planning – We’re a trusted and valued resource when it comes to talent pipe-lining . We provide pre-qualified candidates for immediate, mid or long term requirements, protecting you from staff droughts and organisational risk, thanks to strategic succession planning that means business.

Market Insight – We’re committed to providing you with the intelligence you need to support business growth and recruitment decisions. Our services include organisational mapping, salary & reward surveys, perception audits and location insight. We are your eyes and ears, and are as passionate about growth as you are.

We offer experience across multiple industry sectors (including healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance services, retail, FMCG, engineering and professional services), multiple functions (typically senior management roles to C-Level) and multiple geographies (extensive expertise in APAC, Middle East and North America as well as UK & Europe).

Why else are we worth a coffee?

  • Our proven process works, and it doesn’t cost the earth
  • We know what’s annoying – and we don’t do it. No mailshot spamming. No tired CVs
  • You get direct access to our Directors and their hugely valuable bank of knowledge and connections
  • We will adapt our service to suit your budget and your internal resources – we want to work with your team, not against them
  • You’re potentially able to make multiple hires from the one project fee
  • We will always go above and beyond in times when things don’t go to plan – we are realists that are committed to results
  • We work as an alliance not a supplier. We are constantly in touch, communicating with weekly reporting and collaborating on moving forwards – we don’t keep you in the dark, we keep you in the know. We love reporting, and transparency. We have nothing to hide – we have an approach to shout about
  • With us comes a Yorkshire honesty that cuts through the noise. “There’s nowt as funny as folk” and we ensure that you are in the picture 100% to interpret, digest and act upon our insights.


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